FÄMO is a rapper and producer from Eugene, Oregon, currently based in Los Angeles. Hot on the heels of his sophomore EP, QuarterLife, the Northwest native is back to close out the summer with his addictive new single, “Every Color”. Accompanied by a vibrant performance video, “Every Color” finds FÄMO in rare form as he brings the bravado and flexes his French on the bouncy, self-produced track. Equipped with globe-trotting bars and nimble flows, FÄMO brings a striking energy to his performances that translates to kinetic records, distinctly his own: though “Every Color” brims with overseas ambitions, it could only come from the cooped-up kid repping Track Town, USA. 

The son of two professors, one American and one Canadian, FÄMO grew up in a language-obsessed household where puns were the stuff of high praise. Armed with his own fixation on the spoken word, he began learning French at age six and took up songwriting not long after, performing locally with rock bands throughout middle and high school. But it wasn’t until his late teens that FÄMO found the perfect medium to combine his passions: the cheeky, technical rap that he brings to the table today. Going into college as serious about his music as he was about his studies, he had plenty to juggle, acing exams by day and opening for the likes of Mobb Deep and Ghostface Killah by night. Yet, somehow, he emerged unscathed with a team in L.A. and a B.A. in Romance Languages - magna cum laude, but who’s counting? 

Two EPs later, FÄMO’s ready for his rise to stardom, and “Every Color” is the perfect soundtrack. Where QuarterLife showcased a raw, political edge, the new single sees FÄMO looking ahead to better days: to trips taken and dreams realized, to bills in every color and Benzes to match. The dynamic music video pairs perfectly with FÄMO’s animated flows, achieving an international feel with cleverly chosen locations in Downtown Los Angeles. Underpinned by a syncopated track as playful as it is luxurious, “Every Color” represents a can’t-miss step in the rapper’s evolution. With a breadth of references bound to set him apart from the pack, expect the burgeoning threat to continue to deliver - tongue in cheek and joint in hand.